Sometimes you need to spend money to save money …

During the winter months the weather can be very severe, your house might not be as protected as you would want! Heat loss is a big problem!

If you are worried about this then we can help stop heat being lost from your home and help to prevent condensation on the walls and ceilings. It’s not cheap, but you will soon see the benefits to your heating bill and it’s another way of playing your part in reducing carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions.

Solid walls lose even more heat than cavity walls; the only way to reduce this heat loss is to insulate them on the inside or the outside. Solid walls can also be insulated by applying internal wall insulation. Types include ready made insulation/plaster board laminates or wooden battens in-filled with insulation.

Insulation/plaster board laminates usually consist of plasterboard backed with insulating material typically to a total thickness of up to 90mm. The construction of the laminates reduces the amount of heat which would otherwise pass through into the wall and outside. Internal wall insulation can be cheaper than external wall insulation and you could save around €380 a year on your energy bill.

There are two types of solid wall insulation: external and internal.Please call us and we would be happy to discuss these with you.