Always wanted you own Sauna or Steam Room?

The health benefits of steam saunas have been recognized for centuries, beginning with sweat lodges, traditional Finnish saunas, and other methods of heating the body and producing perspiration that cleanses the cells and pores.

Typically, a heat source such as a wood, electric or gas sauna stove is used to produce the heat in a sauna. But in recent years, a technology using far infrared has been used to replace the traditional steam sauna with infrared saunas, and some people feel that the result is superior whilst also being more comfortable.
Modern steam rooms have evolved from the luxurious hot baths of the Romans. Available with walls and ceilings made of plastic, glass or tiles to cope with the humidity and temperatures required during the bathing experience. Steam rooms today offer beauty and reliability without sacrificing function.

Available for use in both domestic and commercial environments and with a range of standard sizes or fully bespoke solutions to suit all requirements. From two seater domestic models to twenty four seaters anything is possible.

With a choice of individual sculpted seating, slatted bench seats or bespoke tiled solutions there is a steam room configuration to suit everyone.

Size is not everything …

A made to measure Sauna or Steam Room size can vary from 1 Person to as many as you want (subject to available space!).

It is even possible to change that unused downstairs single toilet into a modern 1 Person Steam Room…

Contact us and we will advise what is best for you!